Real-Time Marketing & Digital Assistant for your Venue

Engage your customers when they're online & on-site

Enhance customer service, Offer promotions, and strengthen your brand � before, during or after guests visit.

  • Targeted offers

    Promote and sell offers to guests via Facebook Messenger, TXT, and Web chat.

  • Timely Updates

    Deliver timely information to guests via mobile - before, during and after their visit.

  • 24x7 Digital Assistant

    Immediate answers for guests. Powered by AI technology.

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  • 24x7 Digital Assistant

    Guests ask or speak questions. Answers delivered in text, graphical, or HTML format.

  • Daily Updates

    Keep guests updated about special offers, events, and weather.

  • Instant Onboarding

    No custom App. Guests use Facebook Messenger, TXT, or Web chat

  • Launch Quickly

    Complements your existing Social Media Marketing tools.

    • Messaging Campaigns

      Campaigns easily created and managed within Patio console.

    • Leverage your Content

      Automatically synchronize content from your Facebook pages.

    • Analytics

      Track & Optimize your campaigns.

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